Under Her Gaze We Feel Golden

She greets us with her glorious persistence. She surrounds us with her warm embrace. In summer, the sun is watching over us as we dance through life. She is our medicine from the sickness of our daily routine. Leaving the toxic spectacle of society in the dark, we are awakened to a fresh state of consciousness. Allowing us, at last, to embrace the rejuvenation of our being. 

We asked ourselves when this transformation happens. It is when we celebrate endless days together. When we wander aimlessly within unfamiliar mountains. When we feel the tingly sensation of her light on our skin.

With works by Nelli Serzanowa, Irene Jahn, Isabel Spantzel, Hossein Fardinfard, Agnes Zimmermann, Brand Kurpershoek, Vera Loitzsch, Ed Chilton, Hani Chladilova, Eva Vei, Franziska Kaufhold, Daan Kammerman, Zea Pippi Lotte van der Elsken, Amelie Koerbs, Cora Sun, Chiara-Angela Engelhardt, Hilde Speet, Annika Schönfeldt, Bora Sekerci, Danya Eydelman, Fabio Jansen, Sean Kobi Sandoval, Ronja Hermann, Ludwig Nikulski, Dian Bierdrager, Jamal Ageli
︎︎︎︎︎︎ hello hello stranger or friend ︎︎ this is our love experiment ︎︎ or maybe a fleeting romance ︎︎ born in february 2021 ︎︎ we like the smell of in on sun colored paper  ︎︎︎︎︎︎ society is a spectacle ︎︎ it won’t let  us sleep ︎︎ this is the place where you find our work, maybe one day much more or nothing at all ︎︎ under her gaze we feel golden ︎︎ a creation! a narration! a vision of many! ︎︎ a collective tale of summer longings and escapes ︎︎ what do you long for? what is your escape? ︎︎ we will see

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