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A Zine in a Day

November 26, 2022, during the Open Day at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Pineapple Road Press, a photography collective made up of four former students, made a zine in a day. The framework of this publication was highlighting the raw and unadulterated love of an image without the need for context, motive, or function. They asked both fresh and practiced photographers attending the Open Day to contribute their “Darling’s” to the publication that was then sequenced, printed and bound in the same day. They see this photo-object as a record of the time, and of the people that participated. What catches an artist’s eye and heart in this day and age? During this Open Day, established for those that are considering to expand their artistic practices, they reminded artists to never let go of the love of their craft and the joy it can bring to let go of all criticisms for the sake of that gut feeling that makes you say -
“I made this and I really like it”

Download a digital copy here.

︎︎︎︎︎︎ hello hello stranger or friend ︎︎ this is our love experiment ︎︎ or maybe a fleeting romance ︎︎ born in february 2021 ︎︎ we like the smell of in on sun colored paper  ︎︎︎︎︎︎ society is a spectacle ︎︎ it won’t let  us sleep ︎︎ this is the place where you find our work, maybe one day much more or nothing at all ︎︎ under her gaze we feel golden ︎︎ a creation! a narration! a vision of many! ︎︎ a collective tale of summer longings and escapes ︎︎ what do you long for? what is your escape? ︎︎ we will see

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