Babyface 2022

88 pages
Collection of graduation works by KABK photography class of 2022.

With works of: Amy Opstal, Anna Theunissen, Antoni Czarczynski, Ben Maier, Bora Sekerci, Brand Kurpershoek, Bryndis Ragna Brynjolfdottir, Carles Hidalgo, Daan Kamerman, Danii Walton, Ed Chilton, Elizar Veerman, Emma Grima, Emily Josephine Rooney, Fabio Jansen, Fleur Huijsdens, Floris Meijer, Gus Drake, Hannah Aletta Jacobs, Hossein Fardinfard, Joey Yan,Johnny-Mae Hauser, Katerina Motylova, Kay Fahner,Kwadwo Amfo-Akonnor, Lina Selg, Nelli Serzanowa, Niki Sophia, Pedro Gossler, Robin Walvisch, Sanne de la Fosse, Sofia de Benedictis, Studio Jamal Ageli, Téa Boyarchuk, Toran Macrae Wolstencoft, Viivi Saikkonen, Zea Pippi Lotte van der Elsken

︎︎︎︎︎︎ hello hello stranger or friend ︎︎ this is our love experiment ︎︎ or maybe a fleeting romance ︎︎ born in february 2021 ︎︎ we like the smell of in on sun colored paper  ︎︎︎︎︎︎ society is a spectacle ︎︎ it won’t let  us sleep ︎︎ this is the place where you find our work, maybe one day much more or nothing at all ︎︎ under her gaze we feel golden ︎︎ a creation! a narration! a vision of many! ︎︎ a collective tale of summer longings and escapes ︎︎ what do you long for? what is your escape? ︎︎ we will see

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